Minutes from the QPS meeting on the 6th September 2019

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Below are the Minutes provided by QPS for the meeting held on the 6th September 2019. 


Below is information discussed at the first Gel Blaster Association meeting held on the 6th of September 2019 at the Brisbane City police station.

In total there were four (4) Associations present representing twenty-one (21) businesses. I would like to acknowledge the effort Associations have gone to by reaching out to businesses from around QLD, these Associations appreciate they should represent as many businesses as possible and I anticipate there will be more businesses represented at the next meeting. In total seventeen (17) questions were put forward to the government agencies. I am sure you can understand responses to some questions may take longer than others.

The meeting was a great success with a lot of information shared between Australian Boarder Force, Australian Federal Police, Home Affairs, Queensland Police Service and the Associations.

The first meeting was always going to be long due to the amount of ground needed to be covered. The two- and half-hour meeting showed how effective Associations can be, so once again I appreciate your professionalism during those conversations. There are now five (5) Associations in existence and I would suggest this is enough to represent the Gel Blaster community.



Airsoft Gelball Paintball Association of Australia Inc (AGPAA) co-ordinated by Roth BRENNAN

Cairns Gel Blasters Club Incorporated (CGBCi)co-ordinated by Simon WHITE:

Gel Blaster Association of Australia Incco-ordinated by Peter CLARK

Gel Blaster Association Incco-ordinated by Nathan KIRBY

North Queensland Gel Blaster Owners and Collectors Association Inc co-ordinated by Aaron O’DELL


Whilst you are not required to be part of an Association I would still encourage you to be part of one, so your questions can be raised at the next meeting.


The STOP and Think material and general Gel Blaster information is now available via the Weapons Licensing web page located here. The STOP and Think PowerPoint is also now available, to have this product presented to a group please contact your local Police Station and request to speak to a District Crime Prevention Co-ordinator who can access this presentation via the Crime Prevention Programs Unit SharePoint site.


Below are the topics covered during our meeting. If you have questions you would like raised at the next meeting please forward them to your Association by COB on Monday 1st of October 2019. Associations please have those questions clearly clarified and forwarded to me by COB Friday 4th of October 2019, there is no need to ask a question that has already been asked.


Please provide feedback to your Associations on the statement put forward by Senior Sergeant David NIXON. This feedback will be discussed at the next meeting.


Meeting No. 1 – Weapons Licensing and Gel Ball Associations


Weapons Licensing

  • ·         Representative - A/INSP Dave NIXON
  • ·         Meeting Co-ordinator - SGT Tony TATKOVICH
  • ·         Technical Input - AO5 Jacinda LOW
  • ·         Minutes - AO3 Chloe WINSTANLEY



Australian Boarder Force

  • ·         Supervisor Annette SAVERY Detained Goods and Firearms

Australian Federal Police

  • ·         Team Member Wayne BENNET Firearms Identification and Armoury Team
  • ·         Team Member Chris PIETERSE Firearms Identification and Armoury Team

Home Affairs

  • ·         Director Stephen KILEY Firearms Policy



Airsoft Gelball Paintball Association of Australia Inc (AGPAA)

Co-ordinated by Roth BRENNAN:

Present at meeting 1. Raymond TISNA and 2. Bill BIRCH


Cairns Gel Blasters Club Incorporated (CGBCi)

Co-ordinated by Simon WHITE:

Present at meeting 1. Aaron O’DELL and 2. Johnathan TIDBOALD


Gel Blaster Association of Australia Inc

Co-ordinated by Peter CLARK:

Present at meeting 1. Peter CLARK and 2. Brent ALBERTON


Gel Blaster Association Inc

Co-ordinated by Nathan KIRBY:  

Present at meeting 1. Nathan KIRBY and 2. Elliott CALDWELL


Discussion Points

Introduce Minutes from Meeting held on 21/06/2019.

  • 1.       B709 Requirements - Specific quantity, description and images. Images are no longer required.
  • 2.       If you want a voice on how your community is shaped, then join an Association or form an Association by 01/09/2019.
  • 3.       You do NOT need to be part of an Association if you do not want to be.
  • 4.       STOP and Think campaign.
  • 5.       Information on Gel Blasters put on Weapons Licensing internet page.


Discussion Points

  • 1.       On 15/07/2019, you were all provided with the STOP and Think campaign content.
  • 2.       It is NOT compulsory to be part of an Association.
  • 3.       You are able to import Gel Blasters and operate a business without being part of an Association.
  • 4.       Associations are limited to those who are financially invested in the Gel Blaster community.
  • 5.       Associations should represent as many wholesalers / retailers and Event Organisers as they can.
  • 6.       Associations are required to relay accurate information to the people they are representing.
  • 7.       Associations should take questions from those businesses they represent and forward them to WL prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  • 8.       Status of STOP and Think campaign and PowerPoint for Field Operators.
  • 9.       What can you do to help reduce the number of Gel Blasters incidents in the community?
“Print off the STOP and Think flyers and put them in Gel Blaster boxes, put the STOP and Think posters up in the shop”. “Have a conversation with the buyer when they purchase a Gel Blaster”.
“If an online retailer, have the campaign listed on the website for buyers to access”.
  • 10.   What can government agencies do to reduce the number Gel Blasters incident in the community?
“Media campaign with QPS and Gel Blaster Associations promoting the STOP and Think campaign”.


Information for Associations from Weapons Licensing

  • 1.       Importation process reiterated
  • 2.       New Email B709 application process reiterated
  • 3.       Do you need an Import Permit to import a Gel Blaster? Yes.
  • 4.       Do you need a licence to import a Gel Blaster? No.
  • 5.       Do you require a licence to own a Gel Blaster? No.
  • 6.       Do you require a B709 to import Gel Blasters parts? No.
  • 7.       What information is required when lodging a B709A to import Gel Blasters? The quantity of each Make and Model of Gel Blaster you would like to import.
  • 8.       Can I alter my Gel Blaster import B709A application prior to it being issued? Each State and Territory possesses its own policies relevant to Gel Blasters.
  • 9.       I’ve lost my B709A, can I get another one reprinted or expiry date extended? No
  • 10.   Can I import the Gel Blasters from overseas via another State? No
  • 11.   What is the age limit for using Gel Blasters? There is no age limit on possessing a Gel Blasters.
  • 12.   Can I modify a Gel Blaster? It is an offence to modify a Gel Blaster allowing it to fire ammunition.
  • 13.   Are Airsoft weapons legal to possess in QLD? Airsoft guns are considered firearms in Queensland and are a prohibited item under Schedule 6 the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956.
  • 14.   Airsoft parts used in Gel Blasters cannot be imported in to QLD. The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.
  • 15.   Brokers not accepting Emailed B709. There is no known reason why Emailed B709 cannot be received by Brokers.
  • 16.   Safety Messaging from Field Operators. It is requested for Field Operators to provide images of the safety messages they provide to their customers. Please forward this material to your relevant Association for presentation at the next scheduled meeting.

Gel Blaster Association – Questions


Airsoft Gelball Paintball Association of Australia Inc

1.       Is it legal to convert airsoft gearbox to a Gel Blaster gearbox? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.

2.       Can we import external Gel Blaster accessories that interchange-able to airsoft? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.

3.       Will the authorities impose performance limitations such as FPS or joules limit?

At this stage QPS Scientific Ballistics Unit has indicated they will not be carrying out test on Gel Ball speeds.   

4.       Can we import purposely made metal gearboxes for Gel Blasters? Yes.

5.       Can we import Airsoft converted Gel Blasters? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.

6.       How does ABF differentiate Airsoft parts and Gel Blaster parts? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.

7.       Is it legal to import gas operated Gel Blasters like the Kublai P1? Yes.

8.       Is it possible to obtain a list of banned Airsoft parts? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.

9.       Please clarify why there is a requirement to provide a full name and contact details for retail members? Would an ABN be enough? To confirm the identity of who is receiving specific information.



10.   Are full metal builds of Gel Blasters allowed? Yes

11.   Are we able to modify/repair Gel Blasters after they have been imported? Yes, as long as it is for Gel Blasters parts.

Gel Blaster Association of Australia Inc

  • 12.   What date is Weapons Licencing up to with Gel Blaster B709A Applications? This information will not be released.
  • 13.   How many Businesses are Gel Blaster Associations required to represent? There is no specific number of business you are required to represent however there are currently 150+ Gel Blaster business in operation around QLD, and 23 of those are represented by 4 x Associations.

14.   Could ABF/Home Affairs explain the legislative rule and interpretation they are using when seizing products such as Gearbox Housings, Gears and also decorative Osprey Suppressors? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.


Gel Blaster Association Inc

  • 15.   Will the QPS be willing to assist the Associations in promoting the STOP and Think Campaign? This question will be put to QPS Media and Public Affairs Group.
  • 16.   Can you please provide the legislation that determines an Airsoft part vs a Gel Blaster part for the purposes of importation? The answer to this question is being reviewed by Home Affairs, there is no time limit on when a response will be provided.
  • 17.   Some of our retailers requested the protocol for conducting photo/film activities using gel blasters. For example, if a retailer wishes to conduct a photo shoot for advertising is there an email address he can contact QPS to advise them of their intentions.

              Reaching out to media and letting your local police station know.


Statement by A/INSP NIXON 

Possible future consideration:


As Gel Blaster incidents continue to be of concern to the QPS and the Qld Government, legal options for their control will continue to be explored. Subsequently, if, at some future date, certain legislative conditions were applied to the ownership, possession and use of Gel Blasters, the question of what to do with Gel Blasters already in the community that are in the possession of persons who are;

(a) unwilling to comply with any new conditions, and

(b) prepared to divest themselves of possession of the items to avoid any conflict with new legislation.

Of course, private sale of the item to a person who intends to comply with legislation is an option or destruction and disposal of the item by appropriate means is also an option. However, depending on how any new legislation may be applied, for people that these options may be impractical, inconvenient or unlawful, it may be beneficial to provide to those people more options for disposal of their Gel Blasters.


As a group, is it possible to gauge the level of participation from Gel Blaster retailers as to how many would be repaired to offer themselves as points to receive surrendered Gel Blasters?


This is not, and there is no intention of ever offering, regardless of any future legislation, a buy back scheme. This would simply be a disposal point of convenience for persons to dispose of their Gel Blaster due to not being prepared to comply with any new ownership requirements which may be imposed. There will be no obligation on retailers to offer to buy or offer renumeration for these items (this would require retailers to obtain a second-hand dealers license in the first instance). Condition of surrender will be that the retailer may then dispose of the item in any appropriate manner of their choosing. Once again, re selling of the items or any of the parts may require the retailer to first obtain a second-hand dealer’s license to do so.

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