Communication from Weapons Licensing QPS 13th August 2019

13 Aug 2019 4:32 PM | Anonymous

Hi All, 

The following was communication was received today from the Weapons Licensing branch of Queensland Police Service. This was sent to retailers and Associations. 

"I would prefer to not keep sending out Emails to you all unless necessary however I appreciate some people need certain things clarified before our first Association meeting.


1.       It is NOT compulsory to be part of an Association.

2.       You are able to import Gel Blasters and operate a Gel Blaster Business without being part of an Association.

3.       Associations are independent of the Queensland Police Service (QPS). It was suggested that a Gel Blaster Association/s be formed so a collective voice can be represented at meetings with the QPS and other government agencies and expediate the passage of information between the Gel Blaster community and government agencies, those conversations will shape the landscape of your community.

4.       Association/s are limited to those who are financially invested in the Gel Blaster community i.e. wholesalers / retailers / Event Organisers and anyone else who trades in items relating to Gel Blasters, this does not include customers of your businesses.

5.       Association should represent as many wholesalers / retailers and Event Organisers as they can. An Association only representing itself is not considered to be an Association. Each Association will be required to declare who they are representing at the beginning of each meeting held with the QPS. You will be asked to provide the following to your Association representative and nothing more –

  • Your business name
  • What you do i.e. retailer shop location etc
  • Owner of business details i.e. first name / last name and date of birth
  • Mobile number and Email details
  • Web page address

6.       You should only be represented by one Association not multiple ones.

7.       If you would like to join an Association then please contact any of the four registered Associations listed below -

  • Airsoft Gelball Paintball Association of Australia Inc (AGPAA) which is being co-ordinated by Roth BRENNAN who can be contact by
  • Cairns Gel Blasters Club Incorporated (CGBCi) which is being co-ordinated by Simon WHITE on 0439 744 898 or
  • Gel Blaster Association of Australia Inc which is being co-ordinated by Peter CLARK who can be contacted by 0408 980 514 or
  • Gel Blaster Association Inc which is being co-ordinated by Nathan KIRBY who can be contacted on 0498 246 431 or 

8.       Each Association will have their own terms and conditions therefore it is encouraged you contact each of them to identify what suits you. If an Association is charging you a fee then you should ask them what they provide for your money.

9.       After each meeting held between the QPS and the Gel Blaster Association/s I will send out an Email to EVERYONE whose details I have with dot points on what we discussed. It will be up to each Association/s to elaborate on those conversation to the people they represent. If you have a question you would like the QPS to clarify then bring it up with your Association/s member who will raise that question on your behalf at the next scheduled meeting.

10.     Weapons Licensing is in the process of creating a link for Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Gel Blasters on the Weapons Licensing web page. The QPS will be launching a new web page on 19th of August 2019, so please familiarise yourself with that page upon its release. It is hopeful the Gel Blaster link will be operational and the STOP and Think campaign material made available to you all before the first Association meeting.


Association co-ordinators are reminded to hold on to their questions until the scheduled meetings.

  • The first Gel Blaster Association meeting has been set down between 10:00am and 12:00pm on Friday 6th of September 2019, at  Brisbane City police station.
  • Representatives from the Australian Boarder Force Firearms Team, Australian Federal Police and Home Affairs will be attending this meeting.
  • The second Gel Blaster Association meeting has been set down between 10:00am and 12:00pm on Friday 4th of October 2019, at Brisbane City police station.
  • Invites are limited to two people per Association however it is up to the Association/s to decide who will be attending on their behalf. I will contact each Association prior to the meetings to find out who will be in attendance.
  • Please remember that the new Brisbane City police station is located at 16 Mary St, Brisbane. I will meet everyone in the foyer and bring them up to the level 15 Briefing Room."

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