Committee Members

President - Nathan Kirby

Hi I'm Nathan, I bought my first blaster 2nd hand from a long-term player at donnybrook and it snowballed from there. It didn’t take long for me to have a whole arsenal of blasters ready for any situation.

I chose to start this association after seeing some of the news reports and realising that the sport was under threat. I have made a lot of connections in the various government departments that helps ensure we have the most up to date information.

My plan is to keep this sport headed in the right direction working with retailers, players, fields and government departments so everybody can keep enjoying the sport I love so much.

I am not and never plan to be affiliated with any retailer or gel ball business therefore my decisions and ideas are purely unbiased. I hope to meet all of you one day and see how awesome we can make this hobby together. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.

Vice President - Jason Stephenson

Hi, The names Jason , I have for the last 4 years been in the delivery services an now I am a carer for my partner , over the years I have been looking for something to do with my kids and have found that in the Gel Ball sport. My two youngest kids love it as do I and hope it to last a long time to come.

Secretary - Josh Favarato

People know me as Spartan, Sierra 187, Josh spartan and also late for dinner sometimes. Lol
But Josh is fine.
In the grand scheme I’m relatively new to gel blasting, only been doing it now for about 8 months. Bought my first blaster, and M4 from Tactical Edge and hit the fields for a bit of fun. It didn’t take long before i was thick into eBay and Wish for all things tactical, and also upgrades and mods.
I opted to join and become a part of this committee because I really think that as players we can can come together and push this sport in the right direction, keeping player safety and enjoyment as my primary concern.
Let me be clear that I have no affiliation with any other assoc or retailer at this time. Nor am I sponsored by any retailer receiving financial or tangible benefit that could see my position with the association swayed in any way. I am 100% focused on maintaining a level field with all interests in gel blasting being heard, noted and respected from all concerned.
I want to see this awesome sport thrive into something huge and see it grow. If we can all be safe, sensible, and careful with our equipment.
Send me a message or come say hi if you see me out and about on the field.

Health and safety - Aaron Butler-Woodall

Hi, I'm Aaron. I am a disabilities support officer and director of a company that provides support services and training to people with disabilities in south west QLD. I'm also studying psychological science full time. I have 2 boys, and my focus and reason for joining the association is because I want to ensure the safety of all players and the general public, and in doing so contribute to the ongoing existence of the sport being available to all.

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